Authentic Christian speakers and worship leaders

Who We Are is a ministry of Shepherd Project, a non-profit Christian organization devoted to equipping God’s people to dig deep into truth and reach wide into the world.

What We Do

We facilitate connections between event planners and Christian speakers, teachers and worship leaders.

In addition to providing authentic Christian speakers and worship artists, we offer publicity and event-planning assistance.

Why Work With Us?

We know that selecting a Christian speaker for your event can be an intidmidating process.  We’re here to help.  We are a ministry rather than a commercial Christian speakers bureau and you will see this difference reflected in the way we handle honorariums, the kinds of speakers we work with and the support we offer you, the event planner, from our years of experience doing national and international events.


A Message from our Executive Director

I’m glad you’ve found us! Please know that, above all, we are a Christian ministry rather than a business. Our goal is to equip God’s people worldwide with biblical Truth, packaged in such a way that believers who are living out their faith in the trenches of their culture can apply and proclaim it. Providing Christian speakers and worship leaders is only one part of the larger mission to which God has called us, but one about which we are very passionate.

- Craig Smith